Welcome to FNA Equipments, your trusted provider of advanced Smoke Density Test Chambers with FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) technology. Our test chambers are designed to accurately measure and analyze smoke density during fire testing, providing critical insights into the composition and potential health hazards associated with smoke emissions.


Precise Smoke Density Measurement:
Our Smoke Density Test Chambers utilize FTIR technology, which enables precise measurement and analysis of smoke density produced during fire tests. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of the smoke’s composition and potential impact on human health and safety.
Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis:
The integrated FTIR system in our test chambers allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of smoke emissions. It provides continuous measurement and monitoring of smoke density, allowing you to observe changes and trends throughout the testing process.

Comprehensive Smoke Composition Analysis:
Our test chambers provide detailed analysis of smoke composition, including the identification and measurement of various combustion byproducts and hazardous compounds. This information helps in assessing the toxicity and potential health risks associated with the smoke.

Wide Range of Detection:
The Smoke Density Test Chambers with FTIR are capable of detecting a wide range of gases and particulates present in smoke, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and other harmful compounds. This comprehensive detection capability ensures accurate assessment of smoke composition.

User-Friendly Interface and Software:
Our test chambers are equipped with a user-friendly interface and software, making it easy to operate, collect data, and analyze results. The intuitive interface allows for real-time visualization of data, generation of comprehensive reports, and easy interpretation of test results.


Our Smoke Density Test Chambers with FTIR comply with the following relevant international standards, ensuring accuracy and comparability of results:

  • ISO 5659-2: Plastics – Smoke Generation – Part 2: Determination of Optical Density by a Single-Chamber Test
  • ASTM E662: Standard Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials
  • IS 14835: Fire Testing – Measurement of Toxicity of Fire Effluents – Analysis by Gas Chromatography
  • BS 6853: Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains

These standards provide guidelines for smoke density testing procedures, calibration, and result interpretation, ensuring compatibility and reliability across different laboratories and industries.


Fire Safety Testing:
Our Smoke Density Test Chambers with FTIR technology are widely used in fire safety testing to assess the smoke density and composition of materials under fire conditions. This information helps in evaluating potential health hazards, fire risks, and designing effective fire safety strategies.

Research and Development:
The test chambers are instrumental in research and development activities focused on understanding and improving the fire behavior of materials. They enable scientists and engineers to study the smoke emissions of different materials and develop innovative fire-resistant solutions.

Regulatory Compliance Testing:
Our test chambers are essential for conducting regulatory compliance testing to ensure that materials and products meet safety standards. They provide accurate measurement of smoke density and composition, which is crucial for compliance with various industry regulations and codes.

Trust FNA Equipments:
At FNA Equipments, we are committed to providing high-quality Smoke Density Test Chambers with FTIR technology that meet your specific fire testing needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you with technical inquiries, equipment selection, and providing exceptional customer support throughout your testing processes.

Choose FNA Equipments for reliable solutions and accurate testing equipment in the field of fire behavior analysis. Contact us or visit our website to explore our Smoke Density Test Chamber catalog and discover how we can enhance your fire testing capabilities and contribute to improved fire safety in your industry.