Welcome to FNA Equipments, your trusted provider of high-quality Glow Wire Testers designed for fire hazard assessment in various industries. Our Glow Wire Testers are specifically engineered to simulate and evaluate the fire resistance and ignition properties of electrical and electronic products.

The Glow Wire Tester plays a critical role in assessing the fire hazard potential of materials and products by simulating a hot wire ignition source. It measures the material’s response to a controlled heat source and provides valuable data on its ability to resist ignition, flame spread, and fire propagation.


  • Accurate Simulation of Ignition Source: Our Glow Wire Testers accurately simulate a hot wire ignition source, replicating real-world fire scenarios. The test specimen is subjected to a controlled heat source, allowing for the measurement and evaluation of its ignition characteristics.
  • Precise Temperature Control: The testers are equipped with advanced temperature control systems that ensure accurate and consistent heat application. This enables precise control of the glow wire temperature, enhancing the reliability and repeatability of test results.
  • Comprehensive Fire Hazard Assessment:Our testers provide a comprehensive assessment of fire hazard potential by measuring key parameters such as ignition time, flame duration, flame spread, and melting or dripping behavior. This data helps in evaluating the fire resistance and safety performance of materials and products.
  • Safety Features: Safety is a top priority in fire testing. Our Glow Wire Testers are designed with safety features such as protective enclosures, automatic extinguishing systems, and emergency stop buttons to ensure safe and controlled testing conditions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our testers feature user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making test setup, operation, and data collection simple and efficient. The graphical representations and real-time monitoring enable easy interpretation of test results.


Our Glow Wire Testers comply with the following key standards:

  • IEC 60695-2-10: Fire Hazard Testing – Part 2-10: Glowing/Hot Wire-Based Test Methods – Glow Wire Test and Guidance
  • UL 746A: Polymeric Materials – Short-Term Property Evaluations
  • GB/T 5169.10: Fire Hazard Testing for Electric and Electronic Products – Part 10: Glow Wire Test Method

Compliance with these standards ensures accurate and standardized testing procedures, reliable measurement of fire hazard parameters, and compatibility with international regulations.


The Glow Wire Testers find applications in various industries, including:

Electrical and Electronics:
Evaluating the fire hazard potential of electrical and electronic products, such as wiring devices, connectors, enclosures, and insulation materials.
Appliance and Consumer Goods:
Assessing the fire resistance and safety performance of household appliances, lighting fixtures, furniture, and other consumer goods.
Automotive and Aerospace:
Testing the fire hazard potential of components and materials used in automotive and aerospace applications, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.
Material Development and Quality Control:
Assisting in the development and quality control of fire-resistant materials, helping manufacturers produce safer products.

Choose FNA Equipments:
At FNA Equipments, we provide reliable and accurate Glow Wire Testers that meet international standards for fire hazard assessment. Our equipment is designed to deliver precise and consistent results, enabling you to make informed decisions about the fire safety of your products.

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