Single Burning Item

Single Burning Item (SBI) Tester for Fire Performance Testing

Welcome to FNA Equipments, your trusted provider of high-quality Single Burning Item (SBI) testers designed for fire performance testing of construction products. Our SBI testers are specifically engineered to meet the requirements of EN 13823, a widely recognized European standard for assessing the fire behavior of building materials.

The Single Burning Item (SBI) tester is a crucial tool for evaluating the fire performance characteristics of construction products. It allows for the assessment of parameters such as heat release rate, smoke production, and flaming droplets. Our SBI testers provide precise and reliable measurements to determine the reaction to fire behavior of materials.


  • EN 13823 Compliance: Our SBI testers fully comply with the requirements of EN 13823, ensuring accurate and consistent fire performance testing. They are designed to meet the specific criteria outlined in the standard for assessing the heat release rate, smoke production, and other key fire behavior parameters.
  • Realistic Fire Scenario Simulation: The SBI tester simulates a realistic fire scenario by exposing the specimen to controlled heat flux and igniting it with a small flame. This enables the evaluation of the material’s reaction to fire in a controlled and representative manner.
  • Comprehensive Fire Behavior Analysis: Our SBI testers provide a comprehensive analysis of fire behavior parameters, including heat release rate, total heat release, smoke production, and burning droplet formation. This information allows for a thorough understanding of the material’s fire performance characteristics.
  • Advanced Data Acquisition and Analysis:Equipped with advanced data acquisition systems, our SBI testers capture real-time data during fire testing. The collected data can be analyzed using specialized software to generate detailed graphs, curves, and reports for comprehensive evaluation and interpretation.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Our SBI testers are designed for ease of use, with intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces. The testing procedures are straightforward, enabling efficient operation and reliable results.


Our SBI testers comply with the following key standards:

  • EN 13823: Reaction to Fire Tests for Building Products – Building Products Exposed to the Thermal Attack by a Single Burning Item (SBI)

The EN 13823 standard provides guidelines for the testing procedures, apparatus setup, and result interpretation, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and comparability of fire performance testing across different laboratories and industries.


The SBI tester finds applications in various industries, including:

Construction and Building Materials:
Assessing the fire behavior and reaction to fire of construction products, such as insulation materials, flooring, wall systems, and facade materials.
Regulatory Compliance Testing:
Ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and standards for building products in accordance with EN 13823.

Choose FNA Equipments:

At FNA Equipments, we offer reliable and accurate SBI testers that meet the stringent requirements of EN 13823. Our equipment is designed for precise fire performance testing, providing valuable insights into the reaction to fire behavior of construction products.

Contact us today or visit our website to explore our SBI tester catalog and discover how we can enhance your fire performance testing capabilities. Trust FNA Equipments for top-quality products, exceptional customer support, and reliable fire safety solutions in the construction industry.