Welcome to FNA Equipments, your trusted provider of high-quality Smoke Visibility Testers designed for fire safety evaluation. Our testers are specifically engineered to meet the requirements of UIC 564, a recognized standard for assessing smoke visibility and its impact on evacuation and rescue operations.

Product Overview

The Smoke Visibility Tester is a crucial tool for evaluating the visibility of smoke generated during fire incidents. It enables the measurement and analysis of smoke density and visibility, providing valuable insights into the potential impact on evacuation procedures and rescue operations.


  • UIC 564 Compliance:
    Our Smoke Visibility Testers fully comply with the requirements of UIC 564, ensuring accurate and standardized assessment of smoke visibility. They are designed to meet the specific criteria outlined in the standard for measuring smoke density and evaluating its impact on visibility.
  • Realistic Fire Scenario Simulation:
    The tester replicates realistic fire scenarios by generating controlled smoke emissions. This enables the measurement of smoke density and visibility under various conditions, providing critical data for fire safety evaluations.
  • Precise Smoke Density Measurement:
    Our testers employ advanced sensors and measurement techniques to accurately quantify smoke density. This allows for the assessment of the amount and concentration of smoke generated during fire incidents.
  • Visibility Assessment:
    By evaluating smoke density, our testers provide insights into visibility conditions during fire incidents. This information is vital for understanding the potential impact on evacuation procedures, rescue operations, and overall fire safety.
  • User-Friendly Operation:
    Our testers are designed for ease of use, with intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces. The testing procedures are streamlined, enabling efficient operation and accurate measurement of smoke density and visibility.

Standards :

Our Smoke Visibility Testers comply with the following key standard:

  • UIC 564: Smoke Density and Visibility Testing for Rail Vehicles The UIC 564 standard provides guidelines for smoke density and visibility testing procedures, apparatus setup, measurement techniques, and result interpretation. Compliance with this standard ensures accurate and reliable assessment of smoke visibility in the context of rail vehicles and associated fire safety evaluations.


The Smoke Visibility Tester finds applications in various industries, including.

  • Rail Transportation:
    Assessing the visibility of smoke generated during fire incidents in rail vehicles, ensuring the safety of passengers and personnel during evacuation and rescue operations.
  • Fire Safety Engineering:
    Providing data for fire safety engineers to assess the impact of smoke on visibility and develop effective evacuation strategies in various built environments.
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing:
    Ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and standards for rail vehicles in accordance with UIC 564.

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At FNA Equipments, we offer reliable and accurate Smoke Visibility Testers that meet the stringent requirements of UIC 564. Our equipment is designed to provide valuable insights into smoke density and visibility, contributing to enhanced fire safety in the rail transportation industry and beyond.

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