Spread of Flame Apparatus

Spread of Flame Apparatus

Welcome to FNA Equipments, your trusted provider of high-quality Spread of Flame Apparatus designed for fire safety evaluation. Our apparatus is specifically engineered to meet the requirements of UIC 564-2, a recognized standard for assessing the spread of flame in rail vehicles and related materials.
The Spread of Flame Apparatus plays a crucial role in evaluating the fire behavior of materials used in rail vehicles. It enables the measurement and analysis of the spread of flame along the surface of a material, providing valuable insights into its flammability and fire safety characteristics.


  • UIC 564-2 Compliance: Our Spread of Flame Apparatus fully complies with the requirements of UIC 564-2, ensuring accurate and standardized assessment of the spread of flame. It is designed to meet the specific criteria outlined in the standard for measuring flame propagation along the surface of materials.
  • Realistic Fire Scenario Simulation: The apparatus replicates realistic fire scenarios by subjecting the test specimen to controlled ignition and flame exposure. This enables the measurement and evaluation of the material’s propensity to support the spread of flame.
  • Precise Flame Spread Measurement: Our apparatus employs advanced measurement techniques to accurately quantify the flame spread rate and distance along the surface of the material. This provides valuable data for assessing the material’s fire performance and its potential contribution to fire spread.
  • Safety Features: Safety is a paramount consideration in fire testing. Our apparatus is designed with safety features such as flame arrestors, protective enclosures, and temperature monitoring systems to ensure safe and controlled testing conditions.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Our apparatus is designed for ease of use, with intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces. The testing procedures are streamlined, enabling efficient operation and accurate measurement of flame spread parameters.


Our Spread of Flame Apparatus complies with the following key standard:

  • NCD 1409: UIC 564-2: Fire Protection Requirements for Rail Vehicles – Part 2: Material Requirements – Spread of Flame and Smoke Generation

The UIC 564-2 standard provides guidelines for assessing the spread of flame and smoke generation of materials used in rail vehicles. Compliance with this standard ensures accurate and reliable assessment of the material’s fire behavior and its contribution to fire spread.


The Spread of Flame Apparatus finds applications in various industries, including:

Rail Transportation:
Assessing the flame spread characteristics of materials used in rail vehicles to ensure compliance with fire safety requirements and minimize the risk of fire spread.
Material Development and Selection:
Evaluating the fire performance of materials to aid in the development and selection of fire-resistant materials for various applications.
Regulatory Compliance Testing:
Ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and standards for materials used in rail vehicles in accordance with UIC 564-2.

Trust FNA Equipments:

At FNA Equipments, we offer reliable and accurate Spread of Flame Apparatus that meet the stringent requirements of UIC 564-2. Our equipment is designed to provide valuable insights into the spread of flame characteristics of materials, contributing to enhanced fire safety in the rail transportation industry and beyond.

Contact us today or visit our website to explore our Spread of Flame Apparatus catalog and discover how we can enhance your fire safety evaluation capabilities. Trust FNA Equipments for top-quality products, exceptional customer support, and reliable fire safety solutions.