Welcome to FNA Equipments, your reliable source for high-quality Steiner Tunnel apparatus designed for fire resistance testing. Our Steiner Tunnel apparatus is specifically engineered to meet the requirements of UL723, a widely recognized standard for surface burning characteristics of building materials.

The Steiner Tunnel apparatus is an essential tool for assessing the flame spread and smoke generation characteristics of various building materials. It consists of a specially designed tunnel where the material samples are exposed to controlled flames. The apparatus allows for precise measurement and evaluation of critical fire performance parameters.


  • UL723 Compliance: Our Steiner Tunnel apparatus strictly adheres to the UL723 standard, ensuring accuracy and comparability of test results. It provides reliable data on flame spread, smoke development, and other fire behavior characteristics of building materials.
  • Precise Flame Application: The apparatus applies a controlled flame to the material samples, simulating real-life fire conditions. This allows for accurate assessment of the material’s reaction to fire incidents and its potential impact on fire safety.
  • Smoke Measurement: The Steiner Tunnel apparatus includes advanced smoke measurement devices to evaluate the smoke generation and propagation during the test. This data provides insights into the material’s smoke production characteristics, aiding in fire safety assessments.
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis: Equipped with sophisticated data acquisition systems, our Steiner Tunnel apparatus captures and records test data with precision. The collected data can be analyzed using specialized software, allowing for comprehensive evaluation and interpretation of test results.
  • Robust Construction: Our Steiner Tunnel apparatus is built with durable materials and components to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. It is designed for ease of operation, maintenance, and safety during fire resistance testing.

The Steiner Tunnel apparatus finds applications in various industries, including:

Construction and Building Materials:
Assessing the flame spread characteristics and smoke generation potential of materials used in walls, ceilings, flooring, and other building components.
Research and Development:
Conducting in-depth studies on fire behavior and fire safety properties of new materials and products.
Regulatory Compliance Testing:
Ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and standards in the construction industry.

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At FNA Equipments, we are committed to providing reliable and accurate Steiner Tunnel apparatus for fire resistance testing. Our equipment is designed to meet the stringent requirements of UL723 and other relevant standards, ensuring confidence in your fire safety evaluations.

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